For time sensitive freight we offer our Worldwide Express service. Freight of any weight or size can be handled through this express service.

For smaller shipments, we utilise the reliable, proven structure of one of the world's leading express integrator's. This is a company that specialises in the express door to door delivery of packages anywhere in the world. Our service focus continues to concentrate on 'right on time' delivery.

Where shipments become uneconomical or too heavy for this carrier, we will arrange for immediate airfreight with one our leading airline partners. Pick up, customs clearance and delivery will be monitored and completed through our network of worldwide agents.

Our tracking systems enable import and export shipments to be tracked throughout their journey. We provide regular updates to the client, via traditional methods or through electronic systems such as e-mail. We strive to provide our clients with the most timely information available.
This service is designed to handle any freight that is oversized or of extreme weight or measurement. We will co-ordinate the movement through from supplier to destination, advising the most effective means for each step of the transition.

Any Voyage Project involves dedicated team members co-ordinating the local tracking movement, aircraft vessel loading, as well as customs clearance and final delivery to the project site.

Whether it is a matter of managing a shipment of 250,000 tonnes of cargo for a refinery, or the relocation of an entire production line, we assume responsibility for the shipment throughout the entire transport period.

With the support of our network of global agents, we can provide logistics solutions for any size project, to or from anywhere in the world.

ABB Project at Rembia, Melaka, Malaysia
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SCOMI Monorail project at Mumbai, India
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